Advanced Construction Training Academy (ACTA) Courses

Advanced Construction Training Academy (ACTA) is one of the leading education service providers in nation under Construction field. There are so many people who associate with this emerging industry and the main purpose of the institute is to provide education and training so they can get much successful in the […]

Advanced Construction Training Academy

SLT Training Center Progarams

Sri Lanka telecom is the leading state-owned telecommunication and Internet service providing company in Sri Lanka. SLT Training Center was established by focusing on providing necessary technical education under telecommunication industry . Sri Lanka Telecom is the national ICT solution provider and leading broadband and backbone infrastructure service provider in […]

SLT Training Center

Moratuwa University Electrical Installations Masters Programme

Electrical Installations Masters at Moratuwa University program is another highly recognized Engineering postgraduate degree under the filed of Electrical Engineering. Those who attain the required standard at the end of this programme may continue towards Electrical Installations Masters degree, by undertaking a supervised researh project, normally lasting over one year on […]

Electrical Installations Masters

University of Moratuwa Msc on Industrial Automation Engineering

University of Moratuwa Msc are the most highest recognized engineering masters degree in Sri Lanka and those who follow  MSc on The  Industrial Automation Engineering Masters Degree program got lot of carrer development oppertunities.   The  Industrial Automation Engineering Masters Degree program has been designed to provide the opportunity for engineering […]

University of Moratuwa Msc