How To Complete CIMA Courses in Sri lanka And Get Success 18

CIMA courses in sri lankaCIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountant) is considered as one of recognized professional qualification which is much popular over private and public sector under management and accountancy field.CIMA is international professional body which operate under CIMA UK.CIMA is the world’s largest and leading professional body of management accountants, We have 195,000 members and students in 176 countries.Those who successfully completed CIMA courses in sri lanka got greater chance to have a career prospects and the remuneration are also high for those who completed this qualifications.Most of Top CFO’s and CEO’S are CIMA qualified and those who competed CIMA renowned as Chartered Management Accountants. Following are some of the details which is necessary if you have any plans to follow CIMA professional courses.

Levels of CIMA courses in sri lanka:

CIMA categorized in to 4 major levels and for those who completed Management and Operational levels are also got good job opportunists in Sri Lanka under  cooperate world. Following are four leading levels of CIMA

Certificate Level
Operational Level
Management Level
Strategic Level

CIMA Certificate Level Contains five Subjects and those who completed this level got certificate of CIMA. For those who passed Operational Level got  CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting upon completing this Operational level. Those who completed CIMA Management Level entitled to have CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting qualification and After completion of CIMA strategic level  and CIMA and Top CIMA Level you are CIMA full qualified.

Following figure shows that how much student monthly remuneration after completion of CIMA qualification and this statistics surveyed in the year of 2012.


CIMA classes in sri lanka:

There are number of cima classes in sri lanka which provide tuition and the guidance to pass this international exam. I am plan to mention all detail of this cima classes with contacts in future. Tuition classes for CIMA courses in sri lanka available in Colombo and other major cities of Sri Lanka.Tuition provider use to provide various different study options for CIMA students and if you are wish you can dot this programme as Full time course, part time course or weekend course. Since due to this flexibility those who are currently doing Jobs are also can do this course.

Medium of Study:

Entire Programme is conducted under English Language

Exception :
those who got a degree at any field  are eligible for have exception at foundation level.

Basic Entry Educational Qualification:

Those who completed G.C.E Ordinarily level exam can enter in to follow CIMA

For further Details Contact CIMA Sri Lanka:

356 Elvitigala Mawatha
Colombo 05
229 Peradeniya Road
Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 (0)11 250 3880 (Colombo) / +94 (0)81 739 3910 / 222 7882 (Kandy)
Fax: +94 (0)11 250 3881 (Colombo) / +94 (0)81 222 7883 (Kandy)

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18 thoughts on “How To Complete CIMA Courses in Sri lanka And Get Success

    • mplgmg Post author

      CIMA course is totaly conduct under English Language .Since this course is international program you need to get study the CIMA course in English language.

    • nishamani

      I have completed aat. And I hope to follow cima. Hw long it take me to complete cima. Is working experience is needed to complete cima

    • mplgmg Post author

      Following are several institues which conduct classes for CIMA in Sri Lanka


      Head Office
      No. 75, Galle Road, Dehiwala
      Phone +94 112 717 902
      FAX+94 112 722 204
      Hotline +94 777 554 557

      Kollupitiya Campus

      No 281, 4th Floor, RA De Mel Mawatha, Colombo – 03
      Phone +94 112 717 902
      Hotline +94 777 554 557

      Mercury Campus – Colpetty
      No.376, Galle Road,
      Colpetty, Sri Lanka
      Call : +94 112 370 643 / +94 112 370 644
      Email :

      Mercury Campus – Galle
      No. 386, Matara Road,
      Galle, Sri Lanka.
      Call : +94 711 987 7573 / +94 71 886 4524
      Email :

      Mercury Campus – Dehiwela
      No. 21, Hill Street,
      Dehiwela, Sri Lanka.
      Call : +94 711 212121 / +94 112 710 371
      Email :

      Mercury Campus – Wattala

      No. 337/1, Negambo Road,
      Wattala, Sri Lanka.
      Call : +94 71 886 4524 / +94 70 331 2337
      Email :

      Wisdom Business Academy
      15 B, Station Road,
      Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
      Telephone : +94 (0)11 2370995/6
      E-mail :

      Achievers Lanka Business School (Pvt) Ltd
      39, Bullers Road, Colombo 4.
      Sri Lanka.
      Hotline : +94 117590000 / 115288700 / 115288900 Emial:

    • mplgmg Post author

      In Kurunagela You can follow CIMA classes on Genius School of Professional Studies (Pvt.) Ltd and contact following contact details for more information.

      Genius School of Professional Studies (Pvt.) Ltd
      No. 18, 02nd Floor
      Jayawansa Building
      Mihindu Mawatha

      Tel: +94719993949

  • Sudarshan De Zoysa

    I am the Maintenance Engineer at SamanVillas boutiqe hotel at Bentota. I have passed A level with 4 ‘C’s in maths stream in 1978.
    Presently I am a Member of Institute of Incorporated Engineers in Sri Lanka. I love to do accounting work and how can I become a accounting professional in the shortest path. Please advice.

    • mplgmg Post author

      A preferable way to get success in commerce is to follow a reputed program in the accounting field. Since you already got some management level engineering qualifications it’s better to follow CIMA program. It normally says that first follow AAT course and later follow CIMA would become much better and it’s also really a short pathway to become an accounting profession. Once you follow AAT you will get basic knowledge to accounting and after you successfully complete AAT course you can join CIMA at mid level without following total course.

  • Neeru

    I have completed my degree in quantity surveying this year. I wish to study cima for an advanced knowledge. So how can I start it immediately?

    • mplgmg Post author

      If you have any accounted related qualification you can study CIMA on Middle stage and If you don’t have any account background you need to follow the program form the initial stage. Since The quantity surveying and CIMA is not much aligned, I don’t think that there will be any additional advantages from your QS degree.

  • Kusshal

    Hi I’m a student from India looking for Cima education in Srilanka , will I able to get student visa ? I am in management level now, have completed e2 and I’m preparing for f2 .