Engineering Course


Engineering CourseEngineering is one of the leading and recognition profession under any society and to become an engineer you need to follow some academic programme which got good recognition. To become engineer you need to follow some engineering course such as engineering degree, engineering diploma or get a membership of recognition institute. Since engineering are too much associate with practicals you need to get practical knowledge whiled you doing any academic engineering course.


Government Engineering Degree Program

Sri Lanka government conduct Engineering degree programme under 3 universities in Sri Lanka and to select for those engineering degrees you need to have great score on G.C.E Advanced Level examination in maths stream . For those who got higher Z score for G.C.E Advanced Level examination by considering district basis are eligible to do engineering degrees at following universities. There are no fee or any money give to follow this engineering programmes and  the duration to follow this programme are 4 years.For those who completed this degree programme are also eligible to gain associate membership of IESL. Following are the main 3 universities which conduct on engineering programmes by Sri Lanka ministry of Higher Education and all these three university are governed by the University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka.
1.    Moratuwa University
2.    Peradiniya University
3.    Ruhuna University
Semi Government Engineering Degree Programs
1.    Kothalawala Defense Academy (KDU)
2.    Open University Engineering Course
3.    IESL College of Engineering
4.   University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC)
Private Engineering Degree Programs
1.    Engineering Course Conducted at ICBT
2.    Northshore College of Business and Technology (NCBT)
3.    Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)
4.    South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM)
5.    Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (CINEC)
6.    ESOFT College of Engineering & Technology
Government Diploma Programmes
1.    Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE)
2.    National Diploma in Technology (NDT)
3.    National Diploma in Engineering Scinece (NDES)
4.    DTech Open University
Private Diploma Program
1.    Edexcel HND Engineering Diploma Porgramme
2.    City and Guilds Engineering Course


1.    IESL
2.    Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka (IIESL)
3.    IET
4.    Engineering Council UK
5.    Mechanical Engineering Body
6.    Civil Engineering International Body

MSc Engineeirng Programmes
1.    University of Moratuwa
2.    University of Peradeniya
3.    University of Ruhuna

How to Become Engineers
1.    Path to become Electrical Engineer in Sri Lanka
2.    Path to become Electronics Engineer in Sri Lanka
3.    Path to become Civil Engineers in Sri Laka
4.    Path to become Mechanical Engineers in Sri Lanka
5.    Path to become Aviation Engineer
6.    Path to become Marine Engineers
7.    Part to become Diploma Engineers to Graduate qualification


Aviation and Marine Engineering
1.    Asian Aviation Center (Pvt) Ltd
2.    Skyline Aviation (Pvt) Ltd
3.    Sri Lankan Airline Training
4.    Kothalwala Defence Academy