Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL)

IESLInstitution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) it the leading professional body of Sri Lankan Engineers and this institute was incorporated by parliament act No 17 of 1968. IESL is one of the oldest and prestigious professional Institution in Sri Lanka and the amount of the membership of these institute nearly ten thousands. The institute also conducted long term and short term continuous career development programs seminars under engineering field to enhance the knowledge of the membership. The Council is the governing body of IESL and the Council is elected by the membership on annual basis. There is a Toastmaster Club established in this institute to provide the best opportunity to develop the leadership and communication sills of the membership.

Membership of IESL

There are eight types of memberships which mainly divide in to Non Corporate Members and Corporate Members Levels. Those who are chartered Engineers (C.Eng) are fall in to Corporate category and the corporate category is also divide in to two category such as Member MIE , (Sri Lanka) and Fellow , FIE (Sri Lanka) . Those who fall in to Non Corporate members can also further divide in as follows.

  • Student Member
  • Affiliate Member
  • Companion Member
  • Associate – AIE (Sri Lanka)
  • Associate Member – AMIE (Sri Lanka)

Associate Member – AMIE (Sri Lanka) is the most famous membership category of this body apart of Corporate Membership category. Those who are willing to take the membership of IESL must need to obtain one of following qualifications. Obtain BSc. Engineering Degrees from University of Peradeniya, University of Moratuwa , University of Ruhuna or Open University of Sri Lanka.

  1. Four year Engineering program which accredited under Washington Accord and need to get pass G.C.E Advanced Level Exam including Mathematics in Science Stream.
  1. Any Indian university or Institutions Engineering Programmes which recognized by the Institution of Engineers, India.

Other Engineering qualifications which not fall in to any of above mentioned qualification will be further evaluated by IESL and give the opportunity to study their engineering programs at IESL College of Engineering and those who complete the program at IESL College of Engineering are eligible to obtain Associate Membership of IESL.

After obtain the associate member at IESL and few years of service the member can request to apply for Chartered Engineers qualification at IESL which recognized all over the world. The institute is expecting highest standards of professionalism under engineering filed for those who get Chartered Engineering level. This institute take annual subscription for each member of this institute and the fees are vary for different membership categories. Those who get member of this Engineering Institute got more and more benefits and this is one of an excellent area for life long education and development in profession and gets competence in the area of engineering. The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) is signatory to the Washington Accord (WA) in Sri Lankan engineering degrees and it also member of the of the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA). The most wanted qualification which you need to become an Associate member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka is to obtain four year full time engineering degrees in recognized institute or and University. Every Four year engineering degrees offers under Sri Lankan university is accepted by IESL. For those who obtain four year foreign Degree need get evaluated by IESL to offer the Associate Membership.

IESL College of Engineering

IESL College of Engineering (Pvt) Ltd (IESLCE) which established in 2011 is the subsidiary and education arm the IESL. This institute conduct engineering study programs behalf or the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka.

Those who are willing to do the study programe at this institute must select a program in four major field of specializations such as

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

The Study program which conducted by IESL College of Engineering studies are basically falls fewer than three Levels and they conduct Full Time and Weekend Program of those three levels. The Practical and Laboratory sessions are conducted under Open University and University of Moratuwa and all academic theory classes conducted at the IESL College of Engineering premises. The Program is divide in to three major levels and five stages such as follows.

Certificate Level: Certificate Level is further divide in to Stage I and Stage II, each stage compramise one year of study so to complete Certificate Level candidate need 2 minimum years.

Diploma Level: Likewise Certificate Level, Diploma Level is also dividing in to Stage I and Stage II, each stage compromise one year of study so to complete this Diploma candidate need 2 minimum years.

Graduate Diploma: Duration to complete Graduate diploma is minimum one year.


Entry Qualification Levels for IESL College of Engineering

Following are the level of entry to study the program conducted at IESL College of Engineering.

Certificate Level Stage I

Get Pass G.C.E Advanced Level in Mathematics Stream or London (A/L) in Mathematics Stream.

Certificate Level Stage II

Obtain Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Physical Science

Advanced Diploma Level Stage I

  1. Completed following Diplomas under following institutes.
  1. Those who completed BTEC HNDE (EDEXCEL) and City & Guilds Advanced Technician Diploma plus did passed G.C.E Advanced Level In Mathematics Stream should sit and pass 3 additional subjects of Certificate Level Stage II of IESLCE Study Programme

Graduate Diploma Level

  • Those who obtain IESL Affiliate Membership
  • BEng Degree obtain from CINEC and SLIT Institute (Conditions Applicable)
  • City and Guilds Graduate Diploma (Conditions Applicable)


Contact Details of Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL)

To get more further details regarding the Instiute of Engineers Sri Lanka you may contact through following contact details on the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka and IESL college of Engineering

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

120/15 Wijerama Mawatha,

Colombo 7,

Sri Lanka.

Telephone: +94 11 2698426

Fax: +94 11 2699202



IESL College of Engineering

No 07, Hector Kobbekaduwa Mawatha,

Colombo 07,

Sri Lanka.

Phone: 0112687047 / 0112687048

Fax: +94-11-2680238


Web :

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