Programs at Orugodawatte Automobile Engineering Training Institute Sri Lanka

About_usThe Automobile Engineering Training Institute (AETI) was established in November 1989 by grain aid of Government of Japan to get improve skills upgrading of the employees engaged in the automobile industry by introducing modern technology through skills upgrading programmes. This is one of very famous institute for vocational eduation in Sri Lanka and they conduct lots of vocational training programs under this institute. This institute also conduct so many other vocational programs other than automobiel Engineering also.

Entrance Qualifications to Enter Automobile Engineering Training Institute

To get enter the following program applicant need to get pass at least G.C.E Ordinary Level, but there are some program which can follow for those who are successfully pas grade 8 also.

Course Fee for Full Time Program

There is no fees charge to follow the programmes this institute for the full time programmes.

There are lots and lots of technical and vocational programs related to automobile industry conducted by this institute and following are some of them.


Automobile Mechanic Full Time Course

Duration : 30 Months


Auto A/C Mechanic Full Time Course

Duration :12 Months


Automobile Electrician Full Time Course

Duration :30 Months


Machinist Full Time Course

Duration :36 Months


Auto Tinker / Welder Full Time Course

Duration :24 Months


Automobile Painter Full Time Course

Duration :24 Months


Part Time Courses at Automobile Engineering Training Institute

Apart from Main full time training programmes the institute is also conduct several part time training course on weekend also. Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully completed the training programme

Safe, Scientific & Economical Driving Techniques
Automobile Mechanic (Basic course)
Automobile Mechanic (Intermediate course)
Automobile Mechanic (Advanced course)
Diesel Injection pump service & Inspection
Engine Tune-up
Automatic Gear Box Maintenance & Repair
Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
Automobile Battery Maintenance
Automobile Electrical Technology
Automobile Electronic Technology
Automobile Air-Conditioning Mechanic
Machining – Lathe
Machining – Milling and Shaping machine
Cylinder Boring and Horning
Oxy / Acetylene gas welding
Arc welding
Tig / Mig welding


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