Sabaragamuwa University English Course

Sabaragamuwa University English Course for External Students

Sabaragamuwa University English CourseSabaragamuwa University English Course  is one of the highly recognized university English course conduct by Sri Lankan State university .Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka is another prestigious state university in Sri Lanka. This university was located in Pambahinna which is 160 km away from Colombo.

There are several external diploma programs were conduct under this state university and today I am plan to discuss some Diploma programs conduct under this institute which is also open for external students also.

There are very few state universities conduct English language programs in Sri Lanka . So for those who studying this Sabaragamuwa University English Diplomagot good recognition by compare with other language course conduct on private education institutes.

For those who live near the Ratnapura and Balangoda area of sri lanka this would be a good opportunity to obtain state university diploma for affordable price which also contain state recognition.

The Diploma in English Course conducted by the Center of Open and Distance of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

The Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka has well experienced high standard lecture panel.

Duration of the Sabaragamuwa University English Course 

The duration for Sabaragamuwa University English Course  is one year and its divide in to two semesters.

Normally classes will held only on weekends (7 tuition hours)

In this program aim to improve the following language skills such as listening, speaking ,writing and reading in English Language.

Entrance Requirement for

Applicant should pass G.C.E Ordinary Level Examination with one of following education eligibility requirements for enroll with this Sabaragamuwa University English Course .

A  “A” or “B” type of pass for English at GCE Ordinary Level Examination.


A Credit Pass for English Literature at GCE Ordinary Level Examination.


A Simple Pass for General English at GCE Advanced Level Examination


Obtain C Pass for Certificate in English course which conducted by the Center of Open and Distance of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.


Any other relevant qualification which accept by the management of Center of Open and Distance of Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka.

Those who successfully complete this Diploma in English program got the ability to get well proficiency in English language and the diploma also highly recognized in Sri Lanka too.

Contact Details of Sabaragamuwa University

For more details retarding the Diploma in English course by the Center for Open and Distance (CODL) of SUSL you may contact following contact details.

Center for Open and Distance learning

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka,

P.O. Box 02,

Belihuloya, 70140,

Sri Lanka.

Phone Number – 045-2280179 (General)


E mail –

Course Coordinator

Mr.H G Piyasiri

Telephone: 071-4453400



Course Secretary

Ms.R.W.A.Pramila Prasadini

Telephone: 045-2280179



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