2017 A/L MCQ Answers(Biology, Physics, Chemistry) 7

2017 Advanced level exams got end recently and there are so many requests from a student regarding the answers for the MCQ papers of certain Advanced level subjects.There are several tuition teachers published answers for the relevant 2017 A/L MCQ Answers on their social media and other websites.

Please note that In here the source of the answers are taken also mentioned and srilankacourse.com does not take any responsibility for the correctness of it. Since the answers are provided by the well-experienced tuition teachers who got better known in the area of the subject there is more credibility of the answers.

Biology 2017 A/L MCQ Answers 

The answers are provided by Dr. Hiran Amarasekera who is the leading educator in Biology Stream.

There are fifty MCQ questions on 2017 biology paper and you can guess the answers and check the answers which you wrote on.




Physics A/L 2017 MCQ answers

Source: http://gurupaara.lk/forum/d/302-2017-a-l-physics-mcq-answers

Chemistry A/L 2017 MCQ answers

2017 Chemistry answers by Harsha Priyankara (Kalutara, Pandadura)


We are a plan to create another article regarding the other MCQ paper answers of 2017 G.C.E Advanced level exam in near future.

ICT A/L 2017 MCQ Answers



Agriculture Science A/L 2017 MCQ Answers


Source: Bio Api

BC A/L 2017 MCQ Answers


Political Science A/L 2017 MCQ Answers

Political Science

Logic A/L 2017 MCQ Answers

Logic A/L 2017 MCQ Answers


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