2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking

2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking ( According to World Ranks) 1

2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking

In the previous article, we have discussed the best universities and education institute in Sri Lanka in 2016. Today we are going to give the latest statistics for the 2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking according to with world ranks.

The rankings are created by the famous university ranking website call webometrics.info website. This ranking is created by using lots of factors such as Presence Rank, Impact Rank, Openness Rank and Excel rank.

If we consider about this ranking first 12 best universities in Sri Lanka are state-owned universities and most of the state-owned universities are rank in leading. According to Webometrics.info University of Colombo is the best university in Sri Lanka and a world ranking of the university of Colombo is 2171.

This guide for 2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking will also useful to select a university or private education institute for following the program.

2017 Sri Lanka University Ranking

Sri Lanka Rank World Rank University or Institute
1 2171 University of Colombo
2 2248 University of Peradeniya
3 2647 University of Moratuwa
4 2767 University of Kelaniya
5 2927 University of Ruhuna
6 3280 University of Sri Jayewardenepura
7 4375 University of Jaffna
8 4433 Rajarata University
9 4961 Open University of Sri Lanka
10 6091 Wayamba University of Sri Lanka
11 6142 Eastern University of Sri Lanka
12 6343 Sabaragamuwa University
13 7250 Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
14 8437 South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
15 9938 General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University
16 10058 University of the Visual & Performing Arts
17 10077 Industrial Technology Institute
18 10911 Uva Wellassa University
19 14183 South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine Malabe
20 14238 ANC Education
21 15175 ESOFT Metro Campus
22 15205 Sri Lanka Press Institute
23 15355 Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture
24 15373 Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration Colombo
25 15441 National Institute of Education Sri Lanka
26 16450 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Sri Lanka
27 16693 National Institute of Business Management
28 17118 Arthur C Clarke Institute of Modern Technologies
29 17629 Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College
30 17680 International Institute of Health Sciences
31 18316 Informatics Institute of Technology Sri Lanka
32 18654 BMS Business Management School
33 18840 Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
34 18866 Postgraduate Institute of Sciences
35 18918 Horizon Campus
36 19249 Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka
37 19470 National Institute of Fundamental Studies Sri Lanka
38 19470 Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education
39 19599 Aquinas University College Colombo
40 20041 University of Vocational Technology Ratmalana
41 20128 Australian College of Business and Technology
42 20661 American College of Higher Education
43 21352 Northshore College
44 21533 National Institute of Social Development
45 22199 Institute of Engineering Technology
46 22281 Royal Institute of Colombo
47 22306 Imperial Institute of Higher Education
48 23901 Kaatsu International University Sri Lanka
49 24231 Hardy University College Ampara
50 24477 Ocean University of Sri Lanka
51 24547 Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka
52 25887 IESL College of Engineering
53 25916 Nagananda International Institute for Buddhist Studies
  • Lower the Ranks are better in ranking

Source: http://www.webometrics.info/en/Asia/Sri%20Lanka%20

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