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How to Become a World Recongized Marketer through CIM Sri Lanka

CIM Sri LankaCIM ( The charterd Institute of Marketing) is one of the worlds largest and prestigious professional body for marketing professionals. Sri Lanka is member of CIM Golbal and now the programms can study over Sri Lanka and obtain world recongised professional qualification in Sri Lanka. There are over 3000 studying members and more than 1000 members obtain the CIM Sri Lanka Qualification.

Type of Memberships available of CIM Sri Lanka 

There are so many different types of membership categories available in this professional institute such as.

  • Affiliate (Studying) Membership
  • Affiliate (Professional) Membership
  • Associate Member (ACIM)
  • Member (MCIM)
  • Fellow Member (FCIM)
  • Chartered Marketer

For get more information’s about the membership categories and their requirement you can follow the link (

Education Program of CIM Sri Lanka 

The study program of CIM based on four different levels  such as

  • Foundation Certificate in Marketing
  • Certificate in Professional Marketing
  • Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Foundation Certificate in Marketing

Foundation Certificate in Marketing The basic and beginer level program of CIM and

Professional Certificate in Marketing (CIM Stage I)

The Professional Certificate in Marketing is the Stage I of the CIM program and there are 4 subjects for this study program

  • Marketing
  • Integrated Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Marketing

Entry Qualification for enter Professional Certificate in Marketing

Need to obtain two passes for G.C.E Advanced Level


CIM Introductory Certificate in Marketing (Level 2 or 3)


Adequate NVQ or SVQ qualifications.

Professional Diploma in Marketing (CIM Stage II)

The Professional Diploma in Marketing is the Stage II of the CIM program and there are 4 subjects for this study program.

  • Mastering Metrics
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Driving innovation
  • Digital Strategy

 Entry Qualification for Enter Professional Diploma in Marketing

The CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing.


Any business or Master’s Degree or marketing Bachelor’s

Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (CIM Stage III)

The Professional Postgraduate Diploma  in Marketing is the Stage III of the CIM program and there are 4 subjects for this study program.

  • Marketing Leadership and Planning
  • Emerging Themes
  • Managing Corporate Reputation
  • Analysis and Decision

Accredited Institutes in Sri Lanka for Conduct CIM Program’s

NEXT Campus

No.320, T B Jaya Mawatha

Colombo 10.

Tel : +94 11 4656600




SLIM Business School

No: 50, Kithulwatte Road, Colombo 08.

Tel: +94 11 2675000



SLIM Business School
524/1, Peradeniya Road
Tel/Fax +94 (0) 81 2203006
E-mail :


SYNERGYSynergy School of Marketing

21, Aloe Avenue, Colombo 3.

Tel: +94 11 2564464, +94 11 2564465



The Knowledge FactoryAIA – Knowledge Factory

No.3, Collingwood Place

Colombo 06.

Tel: +94 11 7555 255 / +94 77 7743 747



Strategy 10 A, Baudhaloka Mw, Colombo 4

Tel: +94 11 4891222


4 77 3843743


Contact for more details of CIM Sri Lanka  Programmes and Membership

The Chartered Institute of Marketing Sri Lanka Regional Office

No. 20, Deal Place A,

Colombo 03,

Sri Lanka.

Tel: 94 11 2564860

Fax: 94 11 2372321


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