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Mahapola Training InstituteMahapola Training Institute was established by mainly considering the training necessary for Sri Lanka Port Authority Employees and Users to enhance the skill manpower requirements. This institute was open in 1987 with aid of UNDP project .  The main schemes of trading of this institute is to conduct relevant training programs for Sri Lanka Port Authority Employees, Sri Lanka Port Authority Users and School Leavers and Outsiders. This institute is equipped with latest tehnology labs and workshops so the student can follow the latest technology in here. Apart form Mahapola Training Institute – Colombo there are three regional branches of Mahapola Training institutes such as bellow.

  • Maritime Training Institute – Oluvil
  • Mahapola Training Institute – Matara
  • Mahapola Training Institute – Badulla

Following are some Training programmes conducted by Mahapola Training Institute of Sri Lanka Port Authority. Remember all most of the programs are for Sri Lanka Port Authority Employees and Users .

Management Training Programmes at Mahapola Training Institute

  1. Workshop in Disciplinary
  2. Training Programme on Security aspects in the Port
  3. Clerical Skill Development Programme
  4. Supervisory Management Programme
  5. Accounts & Audit Clerks Training Programme
  6. Seminars on Management Disciplines
  7. Language Short Courses (Sinhala, English, Tamil)
  8. Training Programme for Miscellaneous works Assistant
  9. Supplies and Material Management Training Programme
  10. Training Programme on Development of Auditing Skills
  11. Seminars on 5S Concepts

Technical Courses

  1. Certificate Course in Welding Practice
  2. Certificate Course in Machine Shop Practice
  3. Certificate Course in Advance Auto Electronics
  4. Certificate Course in Electrical Motor Control Circuits
  5. Skill Upgrading Course for Electrical Wireman
  6. Ship’s Engine Room Rating Course

Information Systems

  1. Training Programme on Microsoft Office 2003
  2. Familiarization of Computer science
  3. Education on Computerized Payroll System
  4. Education on Computerized Stock Control System
  5. Computer Aided Presentations
  6. Computer Aided Drafting using Autocad 2004
  7. Advance Microsoft Excel
  8. Data Communication and Networking
  9. Course on VB.Net

Maritime and Seamanship

  1. Survival at Sea
  2. Ship’s Deck Rating Course
  3. Coxswains Course
  4. Personal Safety & Social Responsibility
  5. Personal Survival Techniques

Safety, Fire Protection And Occupational Health

  1. Advanced Training in Fire Fighting for Seafarers
  2. Basic Training in Fire Fighting
  3. First Aid at Sea
  4. Fire Engineering Science
  5. Safety & Occupational Health

Equipment Operations

  1. Fork Lift Truck Operators Course
  2. Prime Mover Operators Course
  3. Mobile Crane Operators Course
  4. Top Lift Operators Course
  5. Transfer Crane Operators Course
  6. Gantry Crane Operators Course

Container cargo operations and conventional cargo operations.

  1. Winch Operator Training Programme.
  2. Training Programme for Tally Clerks.
  3. Training Programme on Improving Port performance.
  4. Training Programme for Landing & Delivery Clerks.
  5. Training Programme for Supervising Officers.
  6. Port worker Development Programme.

Contact Details of Mahapola Training Institute

Institute Address :

Chief Training Manager

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Mahapola Training Institute

507, De La Salle Street,

Colombo 15.


Telephone:         0094-11-2522452 / 2523268

Fax         :               0094-11-2522660

Email     :     

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