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Ladies College Department Vocational StudiesLadies College Department Vocational Studies Sri Lanka is governed by the body of Governors of Ladies College Colombo and this institute was established in the year of 1981.  Ladies College Sri Lanka is one of the leading private school in Sri Lanka which got great and proud history. Department Vocational Studies of Ladies college has separate board of management and this institute conduct so many vocational training courses such as Secretarial Courses, Language Training Courses, Computer Training, Leisure Time Activities, Teacher Training Courses and many courses. Today we are going to discuss two courses under Secretarial Studies conducted by this institute. Normally the Secretariat Studies program divide in two sections such as Certificate in Secretairal Studies and Diploma in Secretairal Studies .There is a huge demand for secretarial studied in Sri Lankan corporate sector and most of girls are tend to follow these type of courses.

Certificate in Secretarial Studies

Duration: 6 months

Classes will held on Sundays

Entry requirement – English placement test

Course Content

  • Basic grammar / syntax
  • Spelling
  • Correct speech & writing
  • Exercises to improve grammar, speaking, listening,
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Formats for letters, memos, emails
  • Letters asking for information and assistance
  • Replies to inquiries
  • Saying what you can and cannot do
  • Offers and suggestions
  • Placing and confirming orders
  • More informal correspondence
  • Referring to telephone or previous conversations
  • Formatting agenda/minutes
  • Curriculum Vitae and covering letter
  • Business vocabulary building exercises and spelling
  • Secretarial Practice
  • Orientation and presentation
  • Confidential Secretary’s role and pre-requisites
  • Importance of spellings, correct speech, time
  • Communication skills and assertiveness
  • Filing systems – methods and advantages
  • Telephone techniques
  • Follow up systems and call up diary
  • Processing mail
  • Public relations / reception
  • Meetings
  • Banking services and related information
  • Executive travel

Diploma for Professional Secretaries

Duration: 1 Year

Classes will held on Saturdays

Entry requirement – English placement test

Course Content

  • Role of a secretary
  • Letters, emails, memos, notices
  • Qualities and ethics of Secretaries
  • Meeting documents
  • Business administration
  • Interactive activities for improving
  • Customer service vocabulary, reading and
  • Managing meetings comprehension
  • Time management skills
  • Remedial grammar
  • Business etiquette and
  • Skill in Power social behavior Point Presentations
  • Public relations
  • Report writing

Those who successfully completed Certificate in Secretarial Studies or Diploma for Professional Secretaries got better chances for employment opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Contact Details of Ladies College Department Vocational Studies

For further details regarding the Secretarial Studies courses and other vocational courses conducted by

Ladies College Department Vocational Studies check following contact details to contact them.


Ladies’ College

Department of Vocational Studies

27th Lane, Off Inner Flower Road

Colombo 3

Telephone : 2574194

Email :

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