Assistant Superintendent of Police

The Open Competitive Examination for Direct Recruitment to the Post of Assistant Superintendent of Police

Assistant Superintendent of PoliceThe Sri Lanka police force has total of manpower of more than about 85,000, all working for maintaining and enforcing law & order in the town, enhancing public safety and maintaining peace throughout the Sri Lanka. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) is one of higher position of Police department. For those who got a degree from a recognized university or any institute approved by university grant commission can apply for this Assistant Superintendent of Police post in Sri Lanka Police Department.

There are open competitive exams and interview for select for this post and Following are exam detail to enter in this post. Noramally Sri Lanka police department publish the vacancy for Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) once a several year by considering the vacancies available on the Sri Lanka Police deparment. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) fall in to Gazetted Officers in Sri Lanka Police hierachy.

Education Qualifications to enter Assistant Superintendent of Police 

Applicant Should obtain a recongized degree which accepted by University Grant Commission of Sri Lanka and for more informations related to nessary higher educational requirements visit the relevent goverment gazzete advertisments .

Physical Qualification of  Assistant Superintendent of Police exam

Should have both physical and mental fitness to perform duties in any part of the island.

Height :

Should be 5 feet and 6 inch or more.

Vision requirements:

Vision at least 6/6 – 6/12 without contact lenses and

Vision of colors should be normal.

Age Limit: 22-28

Question Paper and Marks

Exam: Intelligent Quiz

Duration: 1 hour

Marks: 40%

50 questions are given in these exams and all questions are based on Multiple Choice Questions.


Exam: General knowledge

Duration: 1 hour

Marks: 40%

50 questions are given in these exams and all questions are based on Multiple Choice Questions.


Exam: Language Proficiency

Duration: 2 hour

Marks: 40%

This exam is more like essay writing and summarizing and reading a paragraph and answering questions. Normally all the questions must be answered.

Structured Interview

Structured Interview Marks Maximum are given for the following Marks

  1. Additional Education Qualifications – 25
  2. Language Proficiency- 10
  3. Computer Literacy- 05
  4. Sport Skills -20
  5. Leadership/Community Services -20
  6. Evaluation by the Board of Interview -20

How to apply for this post

Police department of Sri Lanka publish the vacancies for this post on Sri Lanka government gazette and by referring and keep eye on Government gazette you can find out vacancies for this position. Following are the Latest Gazette vacancies of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Of Police Department Sri Lanka.

English Gazzette

Sinhala Gazzette

Tamil Gazzette

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