How to Become Member of Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL)

IIESLInstitution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) was earlier known as All Ceylon Engineering Diplomats Association (ACEDA) established in the year of 1977 which was later transformed in to Institution of Engineering Diplomates, Sri Lanka (IEDSL) in parliament Act in the year of 1992. Later  Institution of Engineering Diplomates, Sri Lanka (IEDSL) renamed as Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) in the year of 200 by another Parliament Act and now this Institute got more recognition form as a professional body in locally and International level. The institute also conducts famous Industrial exhibition and trade fair annually which called “INCO” very successful manner.

There is a Toastmaster Club established in this institute to provide the best opportunity to develop the leadership and communication sills of the membership. Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) also got higher international recognition and Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES), United Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding of IIESL in the common interest of both institution memberships. IIESL is also member of SAARC Diploma Engineers Forum (SDEF) and the diploma engineer in SAARC countries exceeds 1.4 million of members.

The Main vision of the institute is to become leading Engineering Institution in providing professional excellence in managing and maintaining Engineering Technology at its peak efficiency, to fulfill the future needs of industry, commerce, government and society. At currently more than thousands engineers got membership of this prestigious institute. IIESL is another professional body for the Incorporated Engineers in Sri Lanka and this institute offers professional qualification as Incorporated Engineers (IEng) in Sri Lanka. The institute is also considering the professional growth of the member and they conduct Seminars, short courses to enhance the knowledge and competence of fellow members. Incorporated Engines are internationally recognized under the category of the Sydney Accord. IIESL represents engineering diplomats in Different engineering technology fields such as

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Nautical Studies
  • Polymer Engineering
  • Textile and Clotting Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

The institute also published an Newsletter quarterly and technical journal called “Incorporated Engineer” annually.

Membership Criteria of Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL)

The Membership Criteria of this institute falls in to tow Main categories such as Corporate Member and Non- Corporate and this further divide in to

  • Student Member
  • Companion Member
  • Associates Member
  • Associate Member
  • Fellows Member
  • Honorary Fellows Member

Corporate Member and Non Corporate Members of IIESL can use the abbreviations for their designations such as.

IIESL Corporate Members

  • FIIESL – Fellow of Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka
  • MIIESL – Member of of Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka

IIESL Non Corporate Members

  • AMIIESL – Associate Member of Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka

Eligibility to Obtain the Membership

Associate Member of IESL are the most famous basic membership category of this institute and to obtain the membership class applicant much completed one of following qualifications which accepted by the Institute of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka Council

  • Higher National Diploma in Engineering (HNDE) at Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education (SLIATE)
  • National Diploma in Technology (NDT) at University of Moratuwa
  • National Diploma in Technology (NDT) at Hardy Senior Technical Institute of Ampara
  • Full Technological Diploma (FTD) at City & Guilds of London Institute, United Kingdom or Licentiateship or Graduateship of the City & Guilds
  • Full Membership of Charted Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, United Kingdom.
  • Diploma in Technology (DT) at Open University of Sri Lanka
  • National Diploma in Engineering Science (NDES) at Institute of Engineering Technology (IET)

Or any type of other Engineering related qualification which accepted by the IIESL council. Those who wising to apply for the membership of IIESL can download the application thorough their website.

Local/Foreign Associations

There are number of local and International associations of this Institute of incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka as follows.

Local Associations

  • Wayamba Engineering Diplomate’s Association
  • Southern Province Engineering Diplomate’s Association
  • Rajarata Engineering Diplomate’s Association
  • Siyane Engineering Diplomate’s Organization

Foreign Associations

  • Institute of incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka – UAE Branch

Contact Details

If you need any further detail of this institute please contact on following contact information’s.


Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka.

No.27/B, Udumulla Road,


Sri Lanka.

Hot Line : +94 112 887 737

Tel          : +94 112 887 734

Fax         : +94 112 887 737

Web :www.iie.lk


Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri lanka UAE Branch
C/O Consulate General of Sri Lanka

P.O.Box 51528, Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Tel:    +971 50 7169700
Email: iiesluae@gmail.com
Web: www.iiesluae.org


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