Education Pathways for Sri Lanka

101 + Course and Education Pathways for Sri Lanka AL Passed Students in Math’s Stream

Education Pathways for Sri Lanka
GCE Advanced Level is one of the milestones of any student life. The main purpose of the student who follows GCE AL in maths stream is to become an Engineer. For that, he or she must have a good result with better z score to select the university. Maths students are also eligible to enroll in other university programs such as Bsc Science, Architecture, Law etc.  But what if you are unable to get enrolled in the national university system. You do not need to get worried about it because there are lots of areas which you can get a good career opportunity by following national and private level programs.


1. Engineering Stream:

Engineering is one of the main streams which most of the student who is like to follow. When considering about engineering this filed is mainly classified into several sections such as Electrical, Electronic, Telecom, Mechanical, and Civil engineering. In here we are discussed several higher education opportunities to become a professional engineer in Sri Lanka.

1.1 Fee leaving government institute conduct Engineering Degrees

Following are the four leading government involved institute which conducts engineering degree program which enables you to become a professional engineer in Sri Lanka.

  1. Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Open University Sri Lanka
  2. University of Vocational Technology(UNIVOTEC) Sri Lanka
  3. Engineering Degree at  KDU(Sir Johan Kotalawala University )
  4.  IESL College of Engineering Program for IESL Membership


1.2 Engineering Degree Programs in Private universities of Sri Lanka

There are several highly recognized private education institute conduct three years and 4 years engineering degree programs. Most of these degree programs are conducted with affiliate with United Kingdom degrees. Following are several institutes conduct Engineering Degrees under multiple stream.

  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Engineering Degrees at SAITM
  2. BEng and MEng Degree at Northshore College of Business and Technology (NCBT)
  3. BEng and MEng Degree at Colombo International Nautical & Engineering College (CINEC) Maritime Campus
  4. BSc Eng (Hons) Degrees at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology(SLIIT)
  5. BSc(Hons) in Engineering Degree at ESOFT College of Engineering & Technology
  6. BEng(Hons) Engineering Degrees Offers At ICBT Sri Lanka
  7. Engineering Courses at Sri Lanka Technology Campus


1.3 Engineering Diploma in Sri Lanka

To have an Engineering diploma wich recognized by Sri Lanka government is one best way to become a qualified engineer. Following are several education paths to become incorporated engineer in Sri Lanka

  1. Higher National Diploma in Engineering(HNDE)
  2. National Diploma in Technology(NDT)
  3. National Diploma in Engineering Science (NDES)
  4. Diploma in Technology (DTec) at Open University 
  5. City and Guilds Engineering Diploma
  6. Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND) Diplomas

1.4 External Degree Programs in Engineering 

Following are two-degree program related to engineering industry which conducts at the University of Colombo.

  1. University of Colombo External Degree on B.Sc. In Financial Engineering
  2. Colombo University External Degree in B.Sc. in Electronics and Automation Technologies

1.5 Architecture  and Marine Engineering Degree

  1. Diploma Programmes Conducted at Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
  2. Fisheries & Nautical Engineering Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates at Ocean University of Sri Lanka


2. Accounting and Management Stream 

Accounting and Management Stream is another prestigious stream and pathway to become professional accountant or manager. In here we are mention out several professional and academic programs in this area.

2.1 Professional Accounting and Management Courses

Following are five professional programs on accounting and management

  1. Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka (AAT Sri Lanka)
  2. The Institute of chartered accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka)
  3. Certified Management Accountants (CMA)
  4. Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA)
  5. The Association of Chartered Certificated Accountants (ACCA)

2.2 Management External Degree Programs

  1. University of Sri Jayawardenapura Business Administration External Degree
  2. University of Rajarata Business Administration External Degree
  3. Sabaragamuwa University Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Sc. Management (Public) General at University of Jayawardanapura
  5. Bachelor of Commerce (General) at University of Jayawardanapura
  6. Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Peradeniya
  7. Bachelor of Commerce (Special) at University of Kelaniya
  8. Bachelor of Business Management at University of Kelaniya
  9. Bachelor of Science (General) at University of Kelaniya
  10. Bachelor of Business Administration at Rajarata University

2.3 Management Private Degree Programs

  1. BSc (Hons) in Management Information Systems Special at NSBM
  2. BSc (Hons) in Management Information Systems at NSBM

2.4 Banking Courses

  1. Professional Banking Course at Institute of Bankers Sri Lanka (IBSL)
  2. Banking Course in Sri Lanka Conducted at Centre for Banking Studies


3. Information Technology and Computer Stream 

 Information technology is a great demanding profession in Sri Lanka. 

3.1 Information Technology

  1. Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) of University of Colombo
  2. Bachelor of Information Technology of University of Moratuwa
  3. BSc (Hons) in Information Technology at SLIIT
  4. BSc (Hons) Information Systems Engineering at SLIIT

3.2 Computer Science

  1. BSc (Hons) / BEng (Hons) Computing Science at APIIT
  2. Bachelor of Computer Science at Australian College of Business and Technology (ACBT)
  3. BSc (Hons) Computer Science at National School of Business Management (NSBM)

3.3 Software Engineering

  1. The Bachelor of Software Engineering @ OPEN University of Sri Lanka
  2. BSc (Hons) Management Information System at NSBM
  3. BSc (Honours) Software Engineering at NSBM
  4. BSc (Hons) Software Engineering at SLIIT
  5. BSc ( Computing ) Software Engineering at SLIIT

3.4 Network Engineering and Security

  1. BSc (Hons) Computer Systems and Networking at SLIIT
  2. BSc (Hons) Interactive Media at SLIIT
  3. BSc (Hons) Cyber Security at SLIIT

3.5 Computer Engineering

  1. Bachelor of Computer Engineering Degree @ Open University of Sri Lanka

3.6 Diploma Programs on IT

Higher National Diploma in Information Technology Conducted at SLIATE


5. Law Stream 

5.1 Government Law Degree Programs

  1. Sri Lanka Law College
  2. LLB Degree at Kotelawala Defense University (KDU)
  3. Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree at Open University Sri Lanka

5.2 Private Law Degree

  1. LL.B Degrees at CfPS law schools in sri lanka
  2. LLB Law degree at Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC)
  3. LLB (Hons) Law degree at APIIT


6. Leading Logistics Management Stream 

  1. BSc (Honours) Operations and Logistics Management at National School of Business Management (NSBM)
  2. B.Sc. in Maritime Transportation Management & Logistics at  Ocean University of Sri Lanka
  3. BSc (Hons) Logistics & Transport at CINEC Campus
  4. BSc in International Transportation Management and Logistics at CINEC Campus


7. Marketing Management Stream 

  1. BSc (Honours) Marketing Management Degree in Sri Lanka at National School of Business Management (NSBM)
  2. Bachelor of Management (Marketing) at Horizon Campus
  3. BSc. Degree (Hons) in Marketing at Metropolitan College

8. Human Resource Management Stream 

8.1 HRM Degree Program 

Human Resource Management Course in Sri Lanka at University of Kelaniya

8.2 Diploma level

  1. Diploma in Human Resource Management at OCBT Campus
  2. Human Resource Management Diploma Programs at Londontec City Campus
  3. Advanced National Diploma in Human Resource Management at National Institute of Business Management (Best HRM Courses in Sri Lanka )
  4. Diploma in Human Resource Management at Aquinas University College
  5. Diploma in Computerized HRM (DCHRM) at Siksil Institute of Business and Technology
  6. American College : Diploma in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
  7. Metropolitan College : International Higher Diploma in Human Resources Management Programme
  8. Advanced National Diploma in Human Resource Management ( English )
  9. Advanced National Diploma in Human Resource Management ( Sinhala )


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